Complimentary Training Program

When participating in an athletic event, preparation is key. We want you to have everything you need to help you participate safely and to the best of your ability. Your safety is our number-one concern and part of that includes getting your body ready. 

Venus de Miles' Official Ride Training Partner is FasCat Coaching a company dedicated to helping cyclists improve their performance.  Founded in 2002, FasCat is based on more than 10 years of training, sport science, and frequent communication between the coach and athlete.  FasCat has offered Venus de Miles participants a complimentary six-week training plan that is designed to conclude on event day.  Additional 6-week plans that can help you strength train and work on your riding technique in advance of the start of the complimentary training plan are available for purchase at a special rate of $49.  Email Nadia Sullivan at FasCat Coaching for more information.  

Training Rides

We are lucky to have partnerships with bike shops around the state that offer regular rides to keep you going before Venus de Miles. Click the links below for more information about the different locations, rides, and schedules.

FULL CYCLE (Boulder) is the home base for the Venus de Miles Bike Club, where you can celebrate the sisterhood of the Venus de Miles ride year round. Click here for more information. 

REPUBLIC CYCLES (Boulder) offers women-specific rides leaving from their shop on Wednesdays without a required club membership. Click here for more information.

BOULDER CYCLE SPORT (Boulder) hosts weekly events and group rides, all of which can be found here.

Safety Tips

Former professional cyclist and author, Leah Goldstein, shares tips and advice to help you prepare for Venus de Miles.  Click the links below for short "how-to" video clips.  

> Bike check; tire pressure, brakes, chain and clothing
> Safe riding; riding with friends or groups and signaling  

Mental Preparation

Mental preparedness and maintaining the level of motivation you felt registering for Venus de Miles can be equally as important as physical preparedness.  Below are some tips to help you stay in the right frame of mind on event day:

  • Think Positive!  You’ll be putting in a lot of miles as you train for and participate in Venus de Miles.  A positive attitude will be just as key to your success as strong legs and the proper equipment.  Try to focus on areas for improvement.  If you are struggling on hills, uneasy on corners, or squeezing your bike breaks on descends, think about how much your performance in these areas will improve as you train – and how good you’ll feel conquering those fears on event day! 
  • Finding others that are working towards similar goals will help you stay on track with your training and offer positive reinforcements.  Look for local riding or running clubs or online forums where you can discuss your progress with others.  You can also check our Venus de Miles MeetUp Groups to find event day buddies.  
  • Remember, Venus de Miles is not a race!  Every participant sets her own goal, whether it’s getting back in shape, participating in a first athletic event, or completing an 8th consecutive Venus de Miles.  What makes Venus special is that we encourage each other to reach our goals and celebrate our respective accomplishments in the spirit of sisterhood.