The Venus de Miles Tutu Crew is the best, and most well dressed, support crew in women's cycling! But it's not just about looking pretty and riding a bike.  Our Tutus support and encourage the Venus de Miles participants during the event. We rely on the Tutu Crew to fix minor mechanical issues and be leaders for on-course safety. As the ride fully benefits Greenhouse Scholars, we also encourage the Tutu Crew to set a fundraising goal and rally support for the cause.  

To join the Tutu Crew, you must:

  • Know best practices for safe road cycling and remind Venus de Miles participants to follow the rules of the road as necessary  
  • Be able to perform basic bike maintenance (i.e. change a flat)
  • Support any and all women who need help on the road
  • Own a cell phone, hand pump, and Allen wrench (spare tubes will be provided at the race)
  • Have a saucy outfit and know how to work it – don't forget to accessorize! 

We will send a Tutu Crew on each course with a mission to cheer on the women riding, help with changing flats and other minor mechanical issues, and generally make sure things are going smoothly. We will provide you with a full list of contacts should you need additional on road support. At the finish there will be photos, lunch, beer, and a lot of fun.

To join the Tutu Crew, please email us. In your message please include how you heard about the ride as well as what inspires you about Venus de Miles and Greenhouse Scholars.  Thank you for your support!