Andrea Suponcic 
Sponsorship, Marketing, and Rider Relations

Originally from central PA, Andrea came to Greenhouse Scholars via Amsterdam where she fell in love with two-wheeled transportation.  After completing her first century ride in Napa Valley in 2013 she was thrilled to join the Venus sisterhood and meet the riders, sponsors, and volunteers who support the Greenhouse Scholars cause.

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Angie Vermillion 
Operations, Logistics, and Product Donations

An avid on and off-road cyclist and triathlete, Angie has an extensive background participating in various rides.  She also enjoys educating and empowering individuals to lead more active, healthy lifestyles.  She is ecstatic to use her personal passion to create an unforgettable event for all of the incredible Venus de Miles participants.   

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Lisa Alcorn
Ambassador Program & Public Relations 

Spending more time on her feet than two wheels, Lisa is an avid runner who has developed a fondness for trail running and hiking since moving to Colorado from New York. Lisa loves to encourage others to reach their goals and is thrilled to support Greenhouse Scholars' media relations and manage the Venus de Miles Ambassador program.

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Andra Pool
Greenhouse Scholars, Chief Operating Officer

Andra started as a volunteer for Greenhouse Scholars while working for the organization's sister company, Greenhouse Partners. She graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College and completed her thesis on political and social impacts of water resource management in Turkey. Andra is an avid pilot, skier, and frequent backpacker.

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